America's Mental Molestation: Trump Hostage Syndrome & the Scandal-Driven Corporate Media

Our Year of Living Derangedly: Trump Hostage Syndrome


 Let's begin with the baseline insanity of the American election cycle: for OVER A YEAR we've been assaulted hourly by campaign "news" consisting mainly of attacks, manufactured scandals, and once Trump entered, reality-TV sensationalism & bizarre megalomania, all enabled by ad-driven corporate media. Trump has played the American media like a devil-manifested musical instrument, daily dumping another dollop of scandalous attack, exaggeration, insinuation, lies, rants, ramblings, somehow always getting top billing on the "news" while jamming his nefarious whammy stick up the conspiratorial media's asses.

 This election "surreality show" would be hilarious & entertaining beyond belief if it weren't so ultimately dangerous. Let's start with the obvious incongruity of Trump himself, who has been continuously on TV for the past 2 decades. Footage of his previous support & friendship with the Clintons, all of the great things he once said, appears to be evidence that this man has either had a mental  breakdown, a schizophrenic break with his former self, or possessed by talk-radio conspiratorial demons. Trying to follow his rambling speeches points to some level of dementia.


   Need we also point out that the billionaire reality-TV Trump has ZERO political experience? Yet somehow, no matter how outrageous his attacks, vulgarities, outright racism, misogyny, conspiracy claims, threats or tantrums, the corporate media (including NPR) have continued to give him legitimacy & top billing on their "news." 

If Trump wins the White House, despite warnings of nearly every world leader, Pentagon official, intelligence agency, the Pope, even his own (GOP) party leaders, it will largely be the US corporate media that should held accountable.

 At any point in the past year the US media could have taken pages from actual journalists like The Atlantic & expose Trump's empire of fraud, deceit, cheating & organized crime connections. Seriously, the dots aren't that hard to connect America: casinos, concrete, the Mob, pageants, molestation, bankruptcy, tax fraud, conspiracy, etc: http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2016/10/donald-trump-scandals/474726/

 Meanwhile, we're assaulted with "email innuendos" regarding Hillary Clinton's service as Secretary of State, which if one tries to follow the conspiracy thread, amounts to "she sent email" mostly handled by her aides. Currently we have the head of the FBI joining the ranks of Trump , the KGB & Wikileaks by somehow implying Clinton has a connection to Anthony Weiner because one of her aides received some email from her email server. What in the actual fuck is going on here? There is no crime, no legitimate information, not even a significant direct connection to Clinton. I mean, I receive email from the White House email server, but does that somehow  implicate the White House in my activity? This is seriously dirty political manipulation & America's corporate media trumpets along like a chicken with its head cut off.


 Who will investigate the FBI if Trump takes over the White House & instead of vetting Trump's organized crime connections & his casino empire, the FBI head was fucking around with baseless partisan email innuendos? Not even to mention the fraud & theft at Trump University, the many women having been molested by him, the connection to KGB hacking & Wikileaks... Will the FBI investigate the millions in "loans" he is planning on getting back from his own campaign, so he can turn a profit on the election?

 Yes Donald Trump has his KGB Russians, another unprecedented madness being perpetrated on America while American media is played like the devil's fiddle. However, we have this profound warning from one of Putin's victims on what to expect from a Trump takeover: 

   Malcolm X prophetically warned of the danger of complicit, corrupted media, though he probably could never have imagined such an extreme, hateful candidate like Donald Trump being given legitimacy in the 21st century:

 “The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses.”