Killing Kennedy: Solving the Forensic Puzzle of USA, Amidst Love, War & Insanity

"Killing Kennedy" and "Parkland" memorialize the 50 year old assassination of a President of the United States, but fail to address the immense, festering conspiracy which still poisons the culture of the American war-spy machine. War, corruption, profiteering, destabilization, continue at accelerating insanity.
The Warren Commission kept these autopsy photos secret, in fact it appears some of the autopsy materials were made to disappear, or were substituted. Not even Attorney General Robert Kennedy had access to them for years! Why? Sherlock & co. say, because one can clearly see the entry wound was in the throat, and massive exit wound from back top of skull. Which means Oswald didn't do it.

FBI Agent with evidence states the obvious, JFK was shot in the throat, from the front. 

Sherlock and co. say:  Explore the Dealey Plaza Google Maps here: http://goo.gl/maps/XZYQw
Zoom in all the way and click "Street View" go to 454 Elm St, at the base of the steps of the Grassy Knoll. 
See the dude standing next to the storm culvert? The exact sniper nest which shot JFK through neck.

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